ArtCAM – Rotary Machining

These objects created with ArtCAM and prepared for rotary machining (CNC). Interesting, isn’t it? Do you realize, this is not about CNC machine or product design merely. This is about knowledge that enable you to sustain your business in the longrun.

Can you find any strategic values in your design and machining/ operation capabilities? Do you need these to develop your competitive advantage? Do you want to develop your company strategic competitiveness through your knowledge and technology management?

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MasterCAM X6 – Work with STL File

  • Create your 3D Objects (I made it with AutoCAD)
  • Save it into STL
  • Open it with MasterCAM X6

  • Define the material (stock setup)

  • Determine the type of toolpath, endmill, and other cutting parameters

  • Verify it (Simulation)

  • Generate the G-Code
  • Prepare your material and CNC Machine
  • Machine it!

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ArtCAM – Work With STL file

  • Create your 3D objects (I made it with AutoCAD).

  • Save as STL
  • Use ArtCAM to open it

  • Develop your model

  • Define the toolpaths. Check your tools and material thickness.

  • Generate the G-code.

  • Prepare your material and CNC Machine.
  • Machine it!

For CAD/ CAM Training (AutoCAD, MasterCAM, ArtCAM, & CNC) (Corporate only), contact me:
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ArtCAM – Simple Art

Dari gambar 2D (bitmap) hingga menjadi ukiran kayu jati 3D…. From bitmap to 3D teakwood relief…

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ArtCAM – Simple Art

  1. Buat pola awal (vektor)
  2. Rotate sambil dicopy
  3. Buat reliefnya (Shaping)
  4. Buat Lingkaran
  5. Modifikasi reliefnya (Shaping-merge high)
  6. Buat 3D toolpathnya…
  7. Siapkan mesin CNC Anda…. 😉

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